I didn’t get outdoors this weekend , but not all is lost. I ended up spending the weekend outside of Chicago attending Darklord day.  This was my 4th Darklord event , somehow I obtained tickets , despite a crappy online ordering system. This is as much as a party as a beer release, to obtain an exemplary example of American Russian Imperial Stout. Molasses , dark sugars , bitter chocolate , coffee ,  syrupy deliciousness. Every so often , my friends or I , will crack one open for a birthday, New Years, Christmas ,or the circumcision of a Himalayan goat.

Past Years examples

This years haul , 13 2010 Darklords and 1 2009. Other goodies were obtained from Binny’s in Orland park.

Check out more @ http://barebonesbrew.blogspot.com/

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