After spending a fortune getting my pack weight down , I’ve decided to take some ultra-lite packers tips and weigh my gear. Hopefully this spotlights anything that will get the ounces down. Does anyone have any tips?

Current Backpack and contents. Weights are being added.

Base Weight

Go-lite Pinnacle Pack

Tarptent Squall 2  , sack , ground cloth stakes      2lbs 8.6 oz | Probably never get anything lighter than this.

North Face Aleutian 20°f bag                    3lbs 4 oz  – 1lbs 13 oz saved with Mont Bell # 3.

Neo Air sleeping Pad     15.5 oz  – Could Shave a few ounces , but enjoying the luxury.

Oregon research Sin-nylon pack-cover   9.1oz – Will shave 7.5 ounces with Cuben fiber cover

Kataydyn Hiker water filter   13.1 OZ  – I could save 11.9 OZ with Micropur MP1 tabs

3 Liter Platypus water bottle

1 liter Platypus Water bottle

Princeton Quad headlamp                       3.5oz  –  saved 2 oz with Princeton scout.

GSI coffee filter and papers

MSR Titanium pot                                4.6 oz

Snow Peak 450 double walled mug  4.3 oz

MSR pocket rocket stove                      4 oz

Buck knife                                                                         4.6 oz –  1.9 oz saved with Mora Classic

Light my fire spork

A few large BIC lighters

Extra Clothes  & raingear                                              2lbs 4.7 oz

Toiletries  , medical kit                                                  5 oz

Solar Panel  with 2 Sanyo Eneloop AA’s                  6.5 oz

Maggellan Explorist 400 GPS                                       5.5 oz

Cannon Elph Camera and extra battery                       7.7 oz

Odds and ends , sugar, tea , tooth floss?      7.1 oz

50 Foot emergency spectra line       3 oz


Toys and consumables

Zune HD      5.6 oz

Smokes and alcohol 😉

Nordhouse Dunes total bag weight 28.5 LBS with water, whiskey and smokes.

After Nordhouse Dunes , without electronics , water  , booze  everything else , 12.5 lbs ? I must be missing something.

2 thoughts on “Overnight Backpacking Gear List”

Jeff · April 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Wouldn’t be very smart to take smokes and whiskey on a hike,bad in summer because of dehydration and bad in winter because alcohol dosnt really keep you warm it thins the blood.

Ray · April 1, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Thanks JC , I quit smoking years ago. I’m still waiting on dehydrated beer from mountain house 🙂

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