It’s been a few years since I visited the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio. The Fremont Paddling fest is put on by Rivers Unlimited , was a good excuse to explore this part of the river. The Great Miami looked clean and healthy and I’ll try and get some fishing done in the future. Their was a class 2 that I don’t believe I’ve ever hit with my 14 foot recreational kayak. I tried the 10 mile race , but they also had the option of the 20 miles , and a 5 mile float. I don’t think results have been posted yet , but I’ll update when they are.

Kayaks getting ready in front of No Worries bar in Miamitown Ohio.

10 Miles up from Miamitown everyone’s getting ready to race.

The finish line. If you look close a guy is helping someone out of the boat being a stepĀ  out of the mud. This race will be on my annual schedule and thanks to the volunteers @ Rivers Unlimited for putting on a great paddling festival!

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