6/20 Started the trip @ 9:30 or so on the upper Darby creek at a small putt-in courtesy of  Trapper Johns Livery. This is a fairly scenic and remote creek , bordered by a wildlife area. The water was fairly high, and I only bumped into a couple of rocks. Normally in late summer this trip is a little more challenging with lower water levels comes shallow sandbars and rocky rapids. It’s a real good time shooting through rapids without getting knocked around and having to step out onto slippery rocks. Another bonus of the high water level was the fast trip time. We managed a moving average of 3.7 miles per hour. A 6 mile trip took 2 hours with a small lunch break. The following pictures are courtesy of Terry, as I’m still recovering from an accidental  Windows 7 upgrade format that wiped out my hard-drive.

Me grinning at the start of the trip.

Lunch time

I’ll try and get more pics up as soon as I get image editing software loaded.

Overall this is a trip worth taking for experienced paddlers as well as novices when the water is high.

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