I haven’t got any backpacking in lately. Just wandering/exploring here and their. Last weekend was the Rocky Fork area and downstream scouting pull offs and portages. I got a chance to check out the 7 caves park. Apparently it used to be a private park that let you explore the caves. It went under and was bought up by a non-profit. For reasons unknown they won’t let people checkout the caves. I’m sure it has to do with insurance , money, or maybe satanic rituals are held their.

The visitor center has maps and asks for a donation.

It’s pretty hard to get perception of height in photos. This is about a 100 foot canyon.  They have a couple of short bridges that span 150-200 foot gorges.

Three sisters rocks in Rocky Fork Creek. it looks like some of the views kayaking here would be spectacular.

A neat little stone footbridge on the trail. This was pretty easy hiking. I’m guessing a total of 3 miles around a loop.Terry walked it in flip-flops.

After leaving Seven Caves we drove upstream to Rocky Fork Lake.  After damning ourselves for not bringing fishing gear we found this old stone grist mill near the main splillway.  Just downstream from here looks like a good kayak put-in.

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