Started the trip Friday evening at Waters Edge Canoe Livery. Did a quick four mile paddle to unknown campsite. A thunderstorm rolled in right before sunset and got everything in camp wet , except my sleeping bag which stayed in the dry-bag inside my kayak until the rain subsided.

A camera phone shot of the campsite during a break in the weather.

The morning after my camera showed moisture problems.

After getting off to an early start Saturday my friend ran into a tree tipping his kayak and dumped his camera in rapids. It was never found. It’s waterproof , and I’ll be out their next week to find it.

I was afraid to bust my camera out at this point , so some of the best parts of the trip were without pictures. Cruising down to were Paint Creek Meet the Scioto River had some of the best rapids and scenery. About 5 miles from were they meet  , the Scioto River get a little deeper and slow moving. I’m guessing the fishing would be good around here.

Taking a lunch break on the Scioto on a large Island.

We ended up porting out about 20 miles into the trip , about 15 miles short of the goal of Pee Pee Creek and Lake White in Waverly. A moving average of 3.6 MPH made this a pretty easy paddle. Next time will be with fishing poles.

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