With a nice cool break in the weather I finally got the chance to get some dirt time. It’s been fairly dry so finding water sources was a little hit and miss. 9 miles the first day left 6 miles for an easy out the second day.

In a never ending quest to lighten my load, Ive found almost all my gear is new and un-tested. The biggest weight savings would be my tent.  BearPaw Designs makes a variety of lightweight gear in silnylon and cuben Fiber. I went with a cuben fiber Lair & Pyranet 1 inner for a combined weight of 15.8 ozs. This includes stakes, tie-outs , and stuff sacks. The only thing lighter would be sleeping in the open.

Total weight of all gear, minus food & water was 9 lbs. I didn’t weigh my food bag prior to hiking but afterwards it weighed just over a pound.

My sleep system includes a Klymit torso pad, a torso foam pad, and my backpack as a foot rest. The sleeping bag is a Mont-bell Down Hugger thermal sheet.

Monkeying around after filtering some water.

I set up a gear list and found it’s helpful for identifying where I can save weight. This list shows I should have left the rain coat at home. I could have also saved a lot of weight replacing my water filter system with a Sawyer Squeeze filter. That would be over 1 pound of weight shaved off.


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